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About Us

The 1873 FM is an initiative of The 1873 Network and we are constructively working collaboratively to shape and define the character and personality of the network.
The 1873 FM is the tool to promote new thinking on economic justice and freedom issues, enabling individual’s voice to be heard on matters that promote an inclusive, progressive and prosperous Africa.
Contributing towards the building of the Africa we all want.
The character and personality can be shaped and defined by those who stand most to lose from failure otherwise the implication is absurd.
This is a platform for intellectual interrogation and scrutiny of anything where nothing should ever be untouchable and unquestioned.
The 1873 FM is a platform to use words and ideas to enrich and expand the body of knowledge that permits inclusivity & diversity.
We proclaim that we stand for a borderless mind, promoting and defending the values of openness, inclusivity and diversity.
To provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and insights on Africa’s challenges and opportunities in areas of education, culture, entertainment and information.
Our mission is to give members a platform to: be inspired, discover, be equipped, associate/connect and share their experiences (IDEAS).

To provide a trusted and indispensable source of information

• To develop, produce and provide ethical programming and development media aimed at educating, empowering and uplifting the community.
• To participate in the rebuilding and strengthening of civil society and to support and help deepen the impact of other civil society organizations working in the interests of the community.
• To promote the role of community radio in support of democracy, development, the empowerment of communities, freedom of expression and the combating of all forms of discrimination and poverty in South Africa.
• To offer opportunities for personal growth and volunteerism to the community in general as well as to students and younger people in general.
• To offer the opportunity for young people to share their musical tastes, their ideas and their values with others.
• Our vision is to be a successful, vibrant and energetic tool for positive change, leading by example as a flourishing, sustainable and professional community radio station.
• We advocate and lobby on behalf of our members, various stakeholders to advance participatory democracy towards sustainable social development in communities.