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Financial Literacy

Join in on the conversation with Tshepo Kgadima @the1873fm Posted by The 1873 FM on Friday, 3 November 2017

War Against Poverty – Using Your Spend To Create Wealth Pt 5 with Terry Musiyambiri. Fighting back against racial inequality, socioeconomic injustices and class-warfare against the 99%!

What is Power? What are the powers that can’t be taken from me? How am I using my power? Power Literacy is an exploration of how we experience and understand different kinds of power.

Pushing the envelope of knowledge through – Identity, Leadership & Financial Literacy – 7 July 2017. Political is borrowed power, one should go back to the public to renew that power through elections which should be frequent, certain and regular. Hosted by Tinashe Mpasiri

Friday Morning Rush Breakfast Show With Wildfire Deejay – 7 July 2017. In today’s show we are discussing the doctrine of the separation of powers doctrine as part of a citizenship awareness program. Is citizenship free or cost-less? What is power literacy: Hosted by Wildfire Deejay, Tinashe Mpasiri & Mutumwa Mawere

Lessons from Steve Jobs. He didn’t apply to be an entrepreneur. He remained who he was – multi-tasked as all of us. We learn that life has no plans even big plans. Hosted by Tinashe Mpasiri Kimble Rogers & Wildfire Deejay.

Entrepreneurship Literacy On Continental Sunrise With Wildfire Deejay. What lessons do we learn from Pam Golding a South African founder and chairperson of the Pam Golding Property group, the country’s largest independent property company. Pam Golding Properties was launched 1976 with virtually no capital and one sales assistant, and today sees an annual turnover of […]

Empowerment Literacy On The Continental Sunrise With Wildfire Deejay. Lessons from Hilton. Was Hilton empowered? Do we have data to support the need for empowerment using Hilton. Do we have data supporting the proposition that Hilton had to have had the relationship with the government of the day? Do we have any evidence of any […]

Saluting corporate champions: Celebrating the role of firms and their individual actors in building bridges towards a prosperous Africa. We look at Wendy Appelbaum who is a director of Sphere Holdings In addition to being a Director of Sphere Holdings, Wendy is also a Director of WESGRO (Western Cape Tourism, Trade & Investment). Wendy chairs […]

One of the 99 Points of Light whose life journeys have lessons for any who aspires to climb the steep mountain of opportunities that Africa offers. ISABEL DOS SANTOS born 20 April 1973 is an Angolan investor considered by Forbes to be the richest woman not only in Angola, but the whole of Africa. In […]


One of the 99 Points of Light whose life journeys have lessons for any who aspires to climb the steep mountain of opportunities that Africa offers. Dr. THANDI NDLOVU was born in the sprawling townships of Soweto and schooled at Orlando High School. She obtained academic excellence and participated in various student organizations, including the […]