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South Africa and The European Union – Towards a shared future against a backdrop of divisions Posted by Mutumwa Mawere on Thursday, 25 January 2018

The 1873 TV special with Hon. Gwen Nkabinde, former MP, Speaker and Minister in the post-apartheid dispensation on the future that she wants to see and how best to secure it.

NPO Roadshow – Graskop Mpumalanga. The role of NPOs in community development. Posted by Tinashe Mpasiri on Tuesday, 21 November 2017

“Maths is to the mind what love is to the heart”, Edzai Zvobwo, Chief Genius at MathsGenius Leadership Institute (MGLI) strongly stated in his seminal book entitled The Mathematical Genius in You. The self-anointed maths genius has graced many a stage in South Africa and beyond in his bid to change people’s attitude towards mathematics […]

Coming up on Pushing The Envelope of Knowledge On Leadership Literacy With UDM Deputy President, Hon Nqabayomzi Kwankwa. Leadership Misunderstoon vs Unrealistic expectations.

Pushing The Envelope Of Knowledge On Leadership With Hon.Mosiuoa Lekota 12/10/17

On Wednesday 11 October 2017 The 1873 FM was blessed to have the interview with UDM Leader General Bantu Holomisa Pushing The Envelope On Leadership Literacy. General Bantu Holomisa who has been in politics for a very long time share with us on his life during the struggle in South Africa. Click on the soundcloud link below […]

Did Mandela and Mugabe share the same understanding of the promise of Independence? The 1873Fm – Future I want: Did Mandela and Mugabe share the same understanding of the promise of Independence? Phila Jeremiah Lubisi Maki Toonice Khoali LJ Stars Lucky Mdaweni Posted by The 1873 FM on Friday, 8 September 2017

The Future I want – The week in Review Posted by The 1873 TV on Friday, 25 August 2017

Lessons from Steve Jobs. He didn’t apply to be an entrepreneur. He remained who he was – multi-tasked as all of us. We learn that life has no plans even big plans. Hosted by Tinashe Mpasiri Kimble Rogers & Wildfire Deejay.

Entrepreneurship Literacy On Continental Sunrise With Wildfire Deejay. What lessons do we learn from Pam Golding a South African founder and chairperson of the Pam Golding Property group, the country’s largest independent property company. Pam Golding Properties was launched 1976 with virtually no capital and one sales assistant, and today sees an annual turnover of […]

Empowerment Literacy On The Continental Sunrise With Wildfire Deejay. Lessons from Hilton. Was Hilton empowered? Do we have data to support the need for empowerment using Hilton. Do we have data supporting the proposition that Hilton had to have had the relationship with the government of the day? Do we have any evidence of any […]

Saluting corporate champions: Celebrating the role of firms and their individual actors in building bridges towards a prosperous Africa. We look at Wendy Appelbaum who is a director of Sphere Holdings In addition to being a Director of Sphere Holdings, Wendy is also a Director of WESGRO (Western Cape Tourism, Trade & Investment). Wendy chairs […]