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Entrepreneurship on the Sunrise continental breakfast show

Written by on April 10, 2017

This week on the Sunrise continental breakfast show, Mr Mawere will help unpack and hopefully demystify in a conversational and interesting manner some of the often misunderstood ideas and concepts around entrepreneurship.

The key questions to be addressed include:

1. What is the animal called entrepreneur? Does it exist? If it does exist, what is its address? If it doesn’t, why is that there is no single coherent and complete definition of it, yet we all either look be it / aspire to be it / wish to be labeled or described as it / label others as entrepreneurs, etc without investing sufficiently in improving literacy about it and in so doing raise the pride in being one.

2. Entrepreneurs are generally perceived to be greedy, selfish, narrow, anti-social, arrogant, and exclusive. Is this the case?

3. Does entrepreneurship have a preferred face or identity? Is it race, gender, class, age, ethnic-centric, etc construct?



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