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Farmers close ranks… form Agri-Circle

Written by on August 6, 2018

Hundred South African farmers have have joined hands to form a community of farmers that will assist agripreneurs to tap into each other’s expertise and cross pollinate knowledge.

In an interview with The 1873 FM Continental Sunrise Breakfast Show host Wildfire Deejay, the convener of Agri-Circle Raphias Sithole said, ” We are happy with the progress that we are making at the Agri-Circle. The community has grown to about a hundred membership now are are still counting.”

Asked about the advantages of being part of the community, Sithole said, ” Most of the farmers especially the new players face a myriad of challenges which include but not limited to market penetration, access to funding, access to financial literacy and skills enhancement. With a community model that we are building it will make it easier for farmers to apply for funding as a collective and prove that thy are bankable unlike when they are running solo. On the issue of market penetration, we will be setting up a common processing plant that will assist the farmers in market their produce and clinching sales.”

Sithole who comes form Dicla Farm And Seeds expressed that community building has its own share of challenges.

“Some of the farmers have been part of previous networks that have been beneficial to them so they are a bit skeptical when they are approached with the idea of being part of the network because of previous experiences. However as we continue to engage them we are seeing a change of mindset and appreciation of the importance of Agri-Circle.

The Network has an ambitious project of setting up an Agricultural Mall.

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