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Great digital ideas ahead of the Healthcare Innovation Summit Africa

Written by on October 16, 2018

As days get closer to the forth Healthcare Innovation Summit Africa, The1873 Drive continues to be at the centre of all great ideas brought forward by panelists.

On Monday afternoon, Sheraan Amod who is the CEO and Founder of RecoMed, short for Recommended Medical practitioners told The1873 FM that he has established a health technology company that help patients book doctors, dentists and respective healthcare providers online.

The service is able to assist anyone to book anywhere in the country.

“Patients can instantly book appointments and acquire services of any healthcare provider on their database. I have always been interested in computer science and during my time in the US around 2012 I would book appointments online. That’s how I came to push ahead this technology entrepreneurship. I have also heard enough of spending time on the phone getting appointment.”

Amod said that soon after establishing the business potential consumers didn’t believe the idea.
Furthermore for quality control purposes, he says it will not be difficult to do pre work assessment on doctors and to verify their qualifications. “We will definitely do checks on credentials, to confirm if healthcare providers are registered with HPCSA. We also have user recommendation service that assess doctors’ performances, if there a quite high number of negative feedback on a professional, we will remove them.”

He added that people from rural areas are now starting to use his apps and he has also been invited to some Sub-Saharan countries to showcase the product.

Amod shares ideas and the direction of Bank on Africas Future and finds it necessarily important to recognise and celebrate doctors who are doing well.

He said he would like to be part of Boaf for positive market distribution.

“I made a conscious decision to come back to South Africa when I could have remained in New York City in 2012. I sold my business, my whole life is about Banking on Africa Future, let’s shine the light that needs to be shone.

Amod will be one of the speakers at the summit on the 17 and 18 October. He says he will speak about healthcare technology disruption in Africa. “I will look at companies that did well, companies with million customers and those that came with electronic patients recording device and popularised it. The tech world has made things easier and better for all, and we need to utilise it.”; he said.

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