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YouTube Star Zinzyswa Mayekiso has the brightest future

With over 238 000 followers on Instagram and just over 8000 subscribers on YouTube, 22-year-old Zinzyswa Mayekiso has the biggest future ahead of her. She is young, beautiful, intelligent and taking South Africa by storm having already worked with some major brands and companies in South Africa and Africa.

Zinzi who is also now a radio host on a national platform where she covers a lot of lifestyle, fashion and entertainment news believes that age isn’t a factor anymore in relation to achieving things and building success “I really feel young people even in high school and primary school should start building themselves and their brands. They can become anything they want in this world as long as they are consistent and authentic to their purpose.”

She encourages young people to use the internet correctly and not to be scared to make money from it “There are thousands of youth under 25 around the world selling products online that add up to millions every year, young people are making sustainable money off YouTube. Our youth need to get into these platforms.”


She has a very successful YouTube channel called “Gram with Zinzy” which literally looks like a high budget small screen reality tv show but instead available on YouTube. Gram with Zinzy is tipped to be one of the biggest YouTube channels once data becomes more available to the general public over the next five years as we enter the forth industrial revolution. The show is all about her life and experiences, its real and relevant.


She is a huge advocate for women empowerment and development of structures to make women have equal opportunities. Most importantly she wants to build the confidence of her fellow women. Her dream is some day to have her own talk show. She said the first topic on the show would be about confidence. “Know your worth. Not everyone will see beauty in you but if you love yourself the way you are, and have confidence, it won’t matter what other people think of you.”