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Responsible Citizens – Teachers For Real Change

Written by on October 21, 2019

I made acquaintance with Andy Kieswetter over Facebook in a group he started #teachersforrealchange

Andy is an impassioned activist for teachers and in ensuring that teachers are enabled and equipped to deliver values based learning to their learners.He has taken on the challenging task of highlighting all of the ‘ills’ of the current systems, matters, policies that are needed to rebuild the system because the very nature of what is not being taught in the classrooms – morals, values and ethics that are fundamental to Responsible Citizenship – and it is this lack that has lead to, in his view, the escalation of most of the challenges we are facing as a nation – high rates of crime, unemployment, high levels of drug abuse and teenage pregnancy amongst others.

In many instances, teachers are up against lack of parental care of and for their children and the next leyer in the development of children takes place in the schools.

Teachers for real change is a platform for the voices of teachers to be heard and to make a meaningful contribution to feeding back into the system what is happening on the ground and in the classrooms.

From – 100 Choices – teachers need our support, the role that they play in society in moulding the hearts , minds, values and beliefs crucial to the development of Responsible Citizens for the next 100 years not be underestimated. #salearns
Lets get behind our teachers in the building of our nation.

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