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Mutumwa Mawere

This week on the Sunrise continental breakfast show, Mr Mawere will help unpack and hopefully demystify in a conversational and interesting manner some of the often misunderstood ideas and concepts around entrepreneurship. The key questions to be addressed include: 1. What is the animal called entrepreneur? Does it exist? If it does exist, what is […]

Telephonic radio interview with Stacey Osborn, Talking about Jetline, Cricket academy and the way forward. Hosts: Mutumwa Mawere & Wildfire Deejay

Conversation with Jacob Segale and Mr Mutumwa Mawere on Leadership Literacy Host: Wildfire Deejay

In towards understanding leadership, Mutumwa Mawere engages Prince Asiel Ben Israel in conversation sharing insights on the subject.

The conversation that seeks to help understand leadership whether is exists or it’s a mirage presented by Stanley Dube who is joined by Mutumwa Mawere to help unpack the subject.