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The Power of a Circle

Written by on March 29, 2017

In the land renowned for its pyramids, I heard the other day that people in Egypt are gathering together in circles to discuss the formation of a new government. The circle is known the world over as a powerful divine symbol of wholeness, where all parts come together to form a whole, yet, the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. Wisdom keepers and sages remind us of the power of the circle, an archetypal symbol of wholeness; the Tibetan mandala, the Native American medicine wheel, and the African drum, now used is so many cultures. Wisdom keepers also remind us of the four aspects of each circle (also known as the four gates): Spring, summer, autumn and winter. North, south, east and west.

Centering, emptying, grounding and connecting. Joseph Campbell wove these four gates into the Hero’s journey (departure, initiation, assistance of spiritual aids, and the return home). M. Scott Peck (author of The Road Less Traveled) highlighted these four aspects in his template of spiritual growth: chaotic antisocial individual, institutionalized individual, skeptic individual and the mystic communal.

Corporations also use the circle as a symbol of wholeness, if nothing more than to remind you at an unconscious level of their intent: Target, ATT, and Starbucks, just to name a few. The promise of wholeness is embedded within us. Should you ever forget the promise of wholeness, simply look into a mirror and see not one, but two circles; the iris of your eyes.

Stress Tip for the Day: Thomas Jefferson was so impressed with the power of the circle that he built his home, Monticello, around the shape of one. We even have a circle in the White House: The Oval office. Take a look around you and make note of all the places you see circles; dinner plates, clocks, wedding rings, coins, peace symbols, Christmas wreaths, CD’s and flower pots. The list is nearly endless. The promise of divine wholeness is all around. You just need to be aware of it.

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