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Top Radio DJ dares girls to Code

Written by on August 6, 2018

Leading Radio personality Wildfire Deejay has dared girls to acquire coding skills and develop Cyber solutions that address day to day challenges they face at their local communities.

Wildfire, who anchors the Continental Sunrise Breakfast Show at The 1873 FM, was addressing a team of students who are undertaking a 12 months ICT training under the Sibulele Sibaca Foundation on Monday in Johannesburg.

“There are a lot of challenges that are faced by communities where you come from and the majority of these challenges can be solved by tech interventions,” Wildfire said.

From Left: Zandile, Edzai and Wildfire

“The Tech space has been inundated by males for a long time but now has come the time for young women to dip their toes into the puddle and provide long lasting technological solutions that ease societal burdens and advance human civilisation. The giant Silicon Valley companies we see today were started by young people who refused to be victims of community ills but invested into developing tech skills to provide solutions. Investing into developing and enhancing your tech skills will not only solve challenges facing humanity but will also create a new breed of young women who are tech gurus and can rival their male counterparts in the  ICT field.”

Speaking at the same platform, Founder of Maths Genius Leadership Institute (MGLI) Edzai Conilias Zvobwo urged the girls to develop a skill of logic and critical thinking as it is the foundation of any successful coder and IT specialist.

“One skill that you must develop in your inner being is logic and critical thinking. Emulate the thinking pattern of Isaac Newtown whom when he saw an apple falling asked why the apple fell down and not up and he discovered the law of gravity. It is only when you ask such critical questions that you will be able to formulate innovative tech  solutions that address the challenges faced by humanity,” said Zvobwo.

The event was also attended by the Chairwoman  of GirlCode Zandile Keebine who pledged to partner with  Sibulele Sibaca Foundation in providing practical coding training for the students.

Sibulele Sibaca Foundation is run by Sibulele Sibaca a dynamic global motivational Speaker who has worked with global business tycoons including Sir Richard Branson.

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